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Versace Pour Oud Noir Price In Pakistan

Rs4000 Rs 4500

Buy Original Versace Pour Oud Noir In Pakistan With Price Rs:4000-/PKR And Get Home Delivery All Across in Pakistan. 100% Original And Effective Versace Pour Oud Noir.


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Versace Pour Oud Noir Price In Pakistan

Versace Pour Oud Noir Price In Pakistan is a fragrance by the renowned Italian fashion house, Versace. It's part of their Oud collection, which explores the luxurious and exotic scent of oud wood. Oud Noir combines the rich and resinous oud note with spicy and woody elements, creating a sophisticated and alluring scent profile. It's often described as intense, warm, and sensual, suitable for evening wear or special occasions when you want to make a statement with your fragrance. Overall, it's a distinctive and opulent fragrance choice for those who appreciate bold and refined scents.

What is Versace Pour Oud Noir In Pakistan?

This Paris Corner Versace Pour Oud Noir In Pakistan by Pendora Scent Eau de Parfum 100 ml is an exquisite unisex fragrance suitable for men and women. Its multifaceted scent combines woody and spicy notes for a heady, mysterious scent that's sure to linger. The 100 ml bottle allows you to make a statement of sophistication wherever you go.

Versace Pour Oud Noir Notes:

  1. Top: Black Pepper, Bitter Orange and Neroli
  2. Middle: Saffron, Cardamom and Olibanum
  3. Base: Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and Leatherwood

How To Use Versace Pour Oud Noir?

To fully appreciate the luxurious essence of Versace Pour Oud Noir, it's essential to understand how to use its notes effectively. The fragrance opens with a bold and captivating blend of oud wood, a prized ingredient known for its deep and resinous aroma. This potent note is complemented by the spicy warmth of black pepper, creating an intense and alluring introduction. As the scent develops, bitter orange adds a refreshing citrusy touch, balancing the richness of the oud with its bright and invigorating scent. The heart of the fragrance reveals the smoky and mystical allure of incense, transporting the wearer to ancient temples and exotic locales. Finally, the base notes of amber provide a smooth and sensual foundation, lingering on the skin long after the initial application. To experience the full depth and complexity of Versace Pour Oud Noir, apply it to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and chest, allowing the fragrance to meld with your body chemistry and evolve throughout the day or evening. This sophisticated scent is perfect for special occasions or whenever you want to make a lasting impression with its bold and distinctive aroma.

Versace Pour Oud Noir Price In Pakistan is Rs. 4000/Only

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